Ignore The AI Noise ❌

3 AI tools I use + how to turn images into videos

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Stop it.

You don’t need to use every new AI tool for whatever you are doing.

Recently, people got super pumped over Gemini, and now they say it is reportedly fake. The demo videos are fake.

That is why I advise you to keep using what you already are using. And maybe add what I use. And learn something new from time to time, because as you see, most AI tools are overhyped or even fake…

Btw I missed writing for you last week…I was sick AF but I am back 😎 


Today, we’ll look at:

  • ⚡️ 5 AI Tools I Use Non-Stop

  • 📹️ Turn Images Into Videos Easy

  • 📰 BIG AI News

  • 🗞️ Other AI News

btw if you’re a student or know a student, send them these AI tools 👇️ 

⚡️ 5 AI Tools I Use Non-Stop

1. Upscale.media: And no this is not an ad. Images have bad quality often, so use this upscaler for free (but only limited to once a day). Then you can use Iloveimg or many other upscalers 🙂 

2. Canva: You may know Canva, but do you know all of its features?

  • You can expand some parts of the image with AI

  • You can remove background with AI

  • You can remove objects from an image with AI

  • You can translate your design into another language

  • Turn your design into a summary or blog

  • It is integrated with tons of AI tools like Murf AI (in apps)

Not all these features are free, but it is definitely worth the $12 a month for me.

3. Any chatbot you want: I use paid ChatGPT version. If you don’t want to pay for chatbots, use Bing Chat. It can generate text and images FOR FREE. If you want funnier version, use X’s Grok AI. It doesn’t matter so much which. They can all rewrite text, summarize, expand, etc.

Soon I will cover some spicy features, so stay tuned!

📹️ Turn Images Into Videos Easy

To convert any image into a brief video, use Stability AI's new Stable Video Diffusion tool. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Pick the image you want to use

  2. Upload it to Stable Diffusion

  3. Adjust video size,motion, and frame size (optional)

  4. Download it (button below the video)

It could take a few minutes to generate the video, but voilá 🪄

PS: I can’t upload videos here, so if you want the proof of this, just go their website and see it for yourself.

📰 BIG AI News

1. 🇪🇺 First EU legal framework on AI: Following extensive discussions, EU officials reached a preliminary agreement on the world's first extensive legal framework for AI systems, the Artificial Intelligence Act. This act focuses on regulating high-risk AI by enforcing transparency, risk management, and human oversight, particularly in sensitive areas like facial recognition. However, some critics believe it falls short. The act, set for an official vote early next year, is expected to be implemented no earlier than 2025.

2. 🚀 This new technique could improve LM by 300x: ETH Zurich researchers have developed a technique to significantly accelerate neural networks, especially in language models like BERT and GPT-3. By integrating "fast feedforward" layers that employ conditional matrix multiplication, they've substantially reduced computational demands, enabling faster, more efficient processing. This breakthrough could enhance language models' speed by over 300 times, paving the way for more efficient AI systems. Consequently, this means quicker, more user-friendly AI tools for the public, enhancing applications in language translation, content creation, and data analysis, and making advanced AI more accessible and less demanding on resources.

3. 🤖 Meta joins the AI race with AI tools: Meta has unveiled major updates, including a new image generator named 'Imagine,' powered by Meta's Emu AI model, which allows users to create images from simple text prompts. Additionally, they've introduced a feature for collaborative image generation in Messenger and Instagram chats, where friends can use the 'reimagine' feature to create different versions of an image together. Furthermore, Meta AI now offers a new experience with Reels, enabling users to pull specific Reels into group chats, such as finding Reels about a city you're planning to visit.

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🗞️ Other AI News

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