Is Gemini Ultra better than ChatGPT?

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Whole new way to download videos online

Did you know you can download videos without watermark for free through some tools?

Most of you probably do. But “” doesn’t work in Spain, for example. Other downloaders are either slow, filled with millions of ads, or simply don’t work.

This is WHY I am launching my own video downloader, and I would love it if you try it out.

Why use Green Pony 🤩 

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Gemini Ultra is your ultimate travel companion ✈️ 

Google launched its ChatGPT killer and many people are trying to find out which Chatbot is the best.

While we have no clear answer for that, you can try Gemini Ultra (alternative to ChatGPT Plus) FOR FREE for 2 months! Why not?

I used it to analyze flights through Google Flights and it found me the cheapest possible tickets this week.

Surprisingly, there is a relatively “cheap ticket” for 117€ (round trip) from Gran Canaria to Vienna. Not bad!

I will be discovering many more ways to use Gemini Ultra, so stay tuned for next time.

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