Create music bands with AI

in just a few clicks with prompting

Visit to discover thousands of AI tools

You can create beats and sounds with AI tools like Soundraw

But they don’t have a singer or a rapper

This is where Suno AI comes in

Check this HUGE AI list before you read more 👇️ 

How to generate AI music bands

Btw, yes, it’s free! You can now generate 10 songs per day free of charge, but you can also upgrade for just $8 a month to have much higher limit!

1. Just sign up/log in for free at

2. Find the menu and click on "Create"

3. Then you create a prompt for the music you want to create. Try to be as specific as possible.

My prompt was: Forge an electrifying rock anthem that echoes the raw power and rebellious spirit of the open road, evoking imagery of untamed freedom, heavy metal, 1970s.

PS: I have created a list of TOP 20 AI tools for content creators and TOP 30 AI tools and you can check out their use cases along with pricing.

Enjoy and see you next time :)

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