💥 How to Create 1000 Viral Videos in 10 Minutes

+ How to create a chatbot for free and 3 AWESOME AI tools for content creators

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  • 🤖 How to Create a Chatbot for Free

  • 👨‍💻 3 AWESOME AI Tools For Content Creators

  • 💥 How to Create 1000 Viral Videos in 10 Minutes

Before we start, this tutorial could be also helpful for you 👇️ 

🤖 How to Create a Chatbot for Free

Here’s a 1-minute video tutorial on how to do it if you prefer a video version.

  1. Start: Go to http://droxy.ai or any other similar chatbot website. Then upload your content in various formats all at once in just a few seconds. It can accept PDFs, MP4s, YouTube videos, raw text, etc.

  2. Set-up: After feeding the chatbot with resources, choose its persona and behavior. Moreover, customize its look and other little things.

  3. Finish: Now you can sell the chatbot to your customer, integrate it into your website, share it with a link, or whatever…

🎁 Bonus: You can even choose pre-made chatbots that are based on Warren Buffett, Sam Altman, or other popular people.

👨‍💻 3 AWESOME AI Tools For Content Creators

  1. 🖼️ Tugan: Grow your followers by mimicking the success of viral content creators simply by recreating their content with this tool.

  2. ✍️ SEOmatic: Use an AI writer to produce high-quality SEO articles and watch your website's visitor count soar (here’s my story with AI Trendz).

  3. 💻️ Vondy: Vondy is an all-in-one AI platform with the best tools and apps for creating content, getting things done, staying organized, writing, traveling, etc.

💥 How to Create 1000 Viral Videos in 10 Minutes

The image almost worked out! Copilot still needs to fix the text generation 😁 

Two powerful tools that can generate and edit content for you, are ChatGPT and Canva.

  1. ChatGPT will generate viral content for various niches and topics, such as facts, jokes, quotes, tips, etc. You just need to write a prompt that describes the format and tone of your content, such as “Create a funny fact about animals that starts with ‘Did you know’ and ends with ‘mind blown’.” ChatGPT will then produce multiple variations of the prompt, such as “Did you know that cows have best friends and get stressed when they are separated? Mind blown.”

  2. Canva will create stunning visual effects for your videos. You just need to choose a template for your video, such as “YouTube Shorts”, and add text elements to the template. You can customize the font, color, size, and animation of the text. You can also use Canva’s “Bulk Create” feature to link the text with the data generated by ChatGPT.

By using ChatGPT and Canva, you can create 1000 YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikToks in no time. You just need to copy and paste the output from ChatGPT into a spreadsheet, save it as a CSV file, and upload it to Canva. 

Here's a similar tutorial video I made last year on this topic.

Then you can adjust the timing and duration of the text and the video to match the content and the platform requirements. Finally, you can download the videos and upload them to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.


ChatGPT and Canva are not perfect and they may generate errors, duplicates, or inappropriate outputs. Therefore, it is important to check and review the generated content before using it in a real project. 

ChatGPT and Canva are also not a guarantee for success, but rather a tool that can help and assist you. The quality and performance of the content depend on many factors, such as the niche, the audience, the algorithm, the competition, etc.

PS: New technology revealed from Disney 😲👇️ 

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