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and how to set it up for your iPhone

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Hello AI people 🤖 

Today I want to share a trick with you.

It’s an iPhone shortcut combined with AI.

Here’s a video of what it does. Check it out first so you understand.

Then I will show you how to set it up! 🙌 

I will make a video about how to set it up too, but I am giving access to my newsletter readers first 🙏 

How it works

1. You take a screenshot thanks to a shortcut made on your iPhone.

2. Then the photo goes to OpenAI, which uses GPT Vision to look at the image.

3. Then your prompt does the work, describing any image in detail.

All this with just a simple double tap on your iPhone.

How to set it up

1. If you haven’t already, create an account at OpenAI and log in.

2. Go to your settings, billing, and fill your credit balance. You will be using OpenAI API for this shortcut, so it will cost a little bit of money. It’s around $0.03-$0.04 for one use. No subscription needed, just add $5 or $10 to your balance.

3. Generate and copy your API keys. You will use it soon.

4. Add this shortcut to your iPhone and add the API keys in there.

5. On your iPhone, go to Settings —> Accessibility —> Touch —> Back Tap —> Double Tab —> GPT-4 Vision shortcut.

6. Now you should be ready. Just double tap on your iPhone and it will describe your image in detail. You can open your camera to focus on some object, but it also works on something you have open in your phone like an app, video you are watching, etc.

Thanks to Alvaro Cintas for showing the useful tip!

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