3 easy ways to make money with AI

and tools I recommend for affiliate marketing

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I am changing up the format of this newsletter. Most people don’t care about the news, so I will solely focus on tips, tricks, hacks…

Anything that you may pick up fast and it will save you time or make money.

Let’s go!

🤑 3 AI Money-Making Tips

Promote AI tools and make commissions through affiliate marketing. I personally had the biggest success with AdCreative.

This can be done in many ways, but here are 3 main ways how I am doing it and how I generated thousands of dollars in revenue. Btw, yes, this newsletter also includes affiliate links.

  • 💻️ Create digital products: These could be lists of AI tools, guides, prompt libraries, short courses, etc. Focus on creating a valuable thing and why people should read it, then promote it organically through your channels or through paid ads. Make it accessible for free and make money on affiliate commissions.

  • 📰 Newsletter: Most people make money through sponsporships in newsletters, but affiliate marketing can also be integrated into a newsletter. Consider starting your own newsletter. I use Beehiiv.

  • ✍️ Write blogs: If you like to write, it is recommended to pick a niche, create a website, and start writing blogs along with the newsletter. You can promote your products and affiliate links in the blogs as well. It’s as simple as that. Then just patience and consistency. Writing blogs can be automatized with SEOmatic.

I also have an AI tool aggregator, and send affiliate links to my followers. There are many ways you can generate sales.

🛠️ Tools I Recommend For Affiliate Marketing

  • 🖼️ Before-mentioned AdCreative: It’s basically Canva on steroids and it lets you bulk-generate social media posts. People love AdCreative and you get 30% from each sale. This is how many clicks and sales I am getting👇️. It doesn’t make me a living, but it’s a few hundreds of bucks every now and then.

  • 🐝 Beehiiv: It’s not only the fastest-growing newsletter platform, it’s also the best one. And, of course, Beehiiv is integrating AI into its business. It can make you $250 at least because they have a 50% commission for each sale.

  • 🧔 HeyGen: Choose from AI avatars or upload an image and make it talk with AI. How awesome is that? HeyGen’s latest update also made a lot of noise on the internet. Make sure to check it out below.

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